On the 9 March 2016 Regulation (EU) 2016/425 was approved and published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the 31.3.2016. This regulation repeals the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC and replaces it.

  • Directive 89/686/EEC is repealed with effect from 21 April 2018.
  • EC type-examination certificates (Article 10) approved 89/686/EEC remain valid until 21 April 2023 unless they expire before that date.

Includes devices or appliance, equipments and clothing designed to be worn or used for the protection or safety of an individual while in potentially hazardous areas or performing potentially hazardous operations.

The directive divides PPE into 3 categories:

  • Category I – simple
  • Category II – complex
  • Category III – neither of these

This includes:

  • Equipment for protection against falls from a height
  • Head protectors (helmets and other headgear for professional and private use, face    protectors for ice hockey players).
  • Protective clothing, gloves (chemical attack, heat)
  • Protective clothing (high visibility, reflecting materials)
  • Protective eye wear used in the game of floor ball


Standards required for the Certification of protective gloves
EN 420 Protective gloves – general requirements
EN 388 Protective gloves against mechanical risks
EN 374-1 Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganism
EN 374-5 Protective gloves against viruses, bacteria and fungi
EN 511 Protective gloves against cold
EN 407 Protective gloves against thermal risks (heat and fire)
EN 12477 Protective gloves for welders
EN 381-7 Chain saw cut resistant gloves
EN ISO 10819 Anti-vibration gloves
ISO 13997 Resistance to cutting by sharp objects
EN 659 Protective gloves for firefighters
EN 421 Protective gloves against ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination


Standards required for the Certification of Personal Protective Equipment for motorcycling
EN 13634 Safety footwear for motorcycling
EN 13594 Protective gloves for motorcycling riders
EN 13595  + prEN 17092 Protective clothing for motorcycling riders – jackets, trousers and one piece or divided suits
EN 1621-1 Limb protectors
EN 1621-2 Back/lumbars protectors
prEN 1621-3 Chest protectors
EN 1621-4 Airbags
EN 14021 Stone shields


Standards required for the Certification of impact protection devices
EN 1621-1 Limb protectors – knee, elbow, shoulder
EN 1621-2 Back & Lumbar protectors
prEN 1621-3 Chest protectors
EN 1621-4 Motorcyclists’ inflatable protectors
EN 14021 Stone shields for off-road motorcycling
RCT me-in 088-00 Neck braces
EN 13158 Protective jackets, body and shoulder protectors for horse riders
EN 13277 Protective equipment for martial arts
EN 13061 Shin guards for football players
EN 14120 Wrist, palm, knee, elbow protectors for users of roller-sports equipment
EN 14404 Knee protectors for work in the kneeling position
EN 15613 Knee and elbow protectors for indoor sports
EN 13546 Impact protectors for field hockey
EN 15256 Impact protectors for ice hockey


Standards required for the Certification of Personal Protective Equipment for Firefighters
EN ISO 15090 Safety footwear for firefighters
EN 659 Protective gloves for firefighters
EN 469 Protective clothing for firefighters
EN 13911 Fire hoods for firefighters
EN 15614 Protective clothing for firefighters – wildland clothing
EN 1486 Reflective clothing for specialized fire-fighting