The GPSD 2001/95/EC (General Product Safety Directive) was published on January 15, 2004. In order to place products in the European Economic Area, distributors and manufacturers must comply with this directive. The aims of the directive are to protect consumers’ health and safety and to ensure the EEA functions properly in relation to this directive.
A “safe” product is defined in this directive as any product, when used under normal circumstances, that does not contain any risk to the users or the risks are minimized that is compatible with the product’s use. The product will undergo a safety assessment, and only when the product is deemed ‘’safe’’ will it be allowed to be placed in the EEA. Along with this, producers must provide the necessary information on the product warning the user of the risks associated with the product.

EU rules on product safety are defined in the general product safety directive. Under the directive a product is safe if it meets all statutory safety requirements under European or national law.


The directive does not cover the following products, which are regulated separately

  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • food